Welcome To Green Acorn


Green Acorn has been established to meet the growing need for energy optimisation and storage solutions. With increasing global energy prices consumer demand for products which help reduce and manage costs, both domestic and commercial, is growing.


Green Acorn researched many alternatives in the market and are pleased to offer a range of solutions to meet this demand.

All of the options offer benefits to the user including:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Competitive payback times
  • Reduced power outages
  • Increased output stability
  • Responsible manufacturing

We can offer energy storage products to suit installations from under 50w to in excess of 10MW


EMMA (Energy and Micro-generation Manager)
This product allows you to reduce energy costs by making the most from what you generate.


ReliOn Fuel Cells
Designed to provide reliable, clean and affordable backup power solutions.


ACTA Electrolysers

Offering a cost efficent method of producing hydrogen on site.


REDT Flow Battery
Offering efficient, flexible and scalable storage solutions.


Suitable for grid tied and off grid installations the Green Acorn UPS solution combines wind generation and solar/PV with either fuel cell or flow battery to offer a bespoke uninterruptible power supply.


We offer individual support to our clients, helping them to get the most from their system.


Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

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