ACTA - Electrolysers for Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen fuel cells rely on a supply of hydrogen, in most cases this will be provided by bottled hydrogen, however for some locations this can create problems with cost and logistics and may not be making the best of the resource available on location.

Water electrolysis is a clean way to produce hydrogen allowing the user to avoid the need for external supply and reduce cost by producing what is needed, when it is needed or for storage.


The Acta range of electrolysers offer a cost effective product proven through its design and manufacture using unique patented technology which combines the advantages of traditional alkaline and PEM electrolosis. They can be used with intermittent energy sources and can use filtered rainwater offering convenience for customers especially in remote locations.


The hydrogen is produced at 30bar and is dry without the need for a mechanical compressor or dryer. This simple system makes it financially attractive, efficient and reliable and the hydrogen can be stored cheaply on site using LPG tanks. The range stretches from 100 to 1000 litres of hydrogen production per hour, ideal for renewable energy storage, fuel cell usage and telecom systems back up power.


The Technology


The Acta electrolyser offered by Green Acorn provide the gateway to the hydrogen economy with a range that offers compact solutions for ease of integration in to existing systems.


The models are available for rack mounting applications (in standard 19" or 21" racks) or as compact free standing electrolysers for on-site hydrogen production.


The key product advantages the electrolyser range are:

  • can be connected directly to intermittent power supply (renewables)
  • competitive pricing due to absence of noble metals
  • can be used with filtered rainwater
  • contains no dangerous caustic electrolyte
  • produces dry compressed hydrogen (30bar)
  • safe, reliable and efficient
  • simple to integrate

What makes Acta's technology unique?

Acta developed an alkaline membrane electrolyser, this solution does not require a noble metal catalyst.

This results in a cost two thirds lower than typical (acidic) platinum catalyst electrolysers, the only other type of electrolysers commercially available to create pure hydrogen.

Acta's unique patented technology make the process of electrolysis affordable, safe, highly efficient and reliable.

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