ReliOn - Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Emergency Backup

ReliOn offer a range of market leading stationary fuel cells for emergency and backup power requirements, uninterruptible power supplies and a variety of off grid power requirements.  Delivering solutions to private and public organisations including telecommunications, infrastructure, utilities and government.

The focused and innovative design process of the ReliOn fuel cell power solutions ensure that the customer is provided with a highly reliable, cost-effective and clean energy solution which is adaptable as their needs develop. The system design also ensures straightforward installation by connecting directly to system DC plants, this removes the complexity of AC transfer switches and puts the power where you need it, reducing cost and time. For applications up to 20kw the ReliOn Power solution replaces the majority of backup batteries and removes the requirement for backup generators.

How does a ReliOn fuel cell work?

A hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction using hydrogen and oxygen. In simplified terms Hydrogen is sent into one side of a proton exchange membrane, the hydrogen proton travels through the membrane while the electron enters an electrical circuit creating a DC electrical current. Once recombined the proton and electron are mixed with oxygen from room air forming pure water.


ReliOn Fuel Cell ReliOn Fuel Cell


But isn’t hydrogen dangerous?

No, according to many, hydrogen is no more dangerous than other materials used regularly to provide power, including oil, gas and electricity. However like these other fuels it is explosive and must be respected for safe use.

Why choose ReliOn?

High reliability –ReliOn fuel cells have a reliability rating of 99.9% (results from multiple third party testing in commercial customer environments over a number of years).

Low cost to Operate – When compared to traditional technologies the ReliOn fuel cell is a cost effective solution both in terms of capital investment and running costs.

Clean Technology – Fuel cells have minimal impact on the environment, emissions being DC electricity, a small amount of warm air and water.

Modular Solution - The ReliOn fuel cell can be built to meet specific loads from under 50 watts to 20kW.

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